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"X-change LOVE" - Prefects' Program

It's a trend in Colombo schools to host 'days' inviting other schools and spending time with interactive games and sessions. As the School Committee for this year we thought of breaking away from the norm.

To actually make a change.

Our project involved Prefects from Uruthirapuram M.M.V in Kilinochchi who were eager to join with us for a mini exchange program during the 4th and 5th of August. We kick started it with giving them a tour of the Colombo city in an open double-decked bus as for most of them it was their first time seeing the city.

The second day was an interactive leadership training with Mr. Daniel Thambyrajah as the coach. This event had other schools from Colombo joining in.During the short project we shared our homes with the strangers from the North who became our friends by the lapse of it. It gave us the opportunity to give and receive love across barriers of background, language and race. 

-Nabeela Iqbal (Head Prefect 2014)