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Senior Tamil Oratory and Debate Finals - 2014

The Senior Tamil Literary and Dramatic organized the Inter-house Tamil Oratory and Debating competition 2014 and the finals were held on the 1st of August 2014 during school hours at the Scott Hall. The above competitions were judged by Mr. Manoharan, Ms. Srikumari Kandhaiya and Mr. Ajan.

Results of the Senior Tamil Oratory Competition

1st place - Aberame Thevapalan (Scott House)

2nd place - Gopikha Sivakumar (Restarick House)

3rd place - Charuni Lovell (Restarick House)


Results of the Senior Tamil Debates

Winners - Rigby House

Runners-up - Restarick House

Best Debator - Charuni Lovell (Restarick House)