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Congratulations to Nuzla Ismail of the A'Level Batch 2011



Nuzla Ismail, a final year software engineering undergraduate from APIIT Lanka, as been selected as one of the Google Anita Borg scholars for 2014 representing the Asia Pacific region. The program since its inception in 2014 grants scholarships encouraging women to excel  in computing and related technologies while acting  as role models and leaders in the field. The scholarship honors the memory of Dr. Anita Borg who devoted her life to encourage the presence of women in computing.

Nuzla is the first Sri Lankan recipient of this prestigious scholarship granted upon completion of a competitive selection process. Driven by her passion for the field of computing and software engineering, she excelled among more than 70 finalists representing countries across the Asia Pacific region. The selection process included a short listing based on CVs followed by an essay submission on women's role in computing and technology. Successful finalists were then interviewed as the final stage of the selection process where the recipients were short listed for the Anita Borg scholarship.

In addition to her degree in software engineering, Nuzla is also an undergraduate at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura currently following a bachelor's degree in physical science and computing. She will receive a financial reward for her academic work during the 2014 - 15 academic year as a part of the scholarship and she will be also joining the other scholarship recipients this September at the Annual Asia Pacific Google Anita Borg scholars retreat at the Google office in Tokyo, Japan.